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Arginine The sport supplement

In particular athletes are delighted by the effects of arginine, as this can promote the blood circulation and therefore the transport of oxygen into the cells and the muscle tissue. Through added oxygen, athletes can improve their performance still more. Many take arginine just prior to training, as its effects can be felt after only a short period of time.

Arginine or L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid, which is mainly produced by the body itself. Therefore, additional arginine does not usually have to be taken. However, it may be the case during times of increased physical or psychological stress during sickness or during intensive physical training that the arginine reserves in the body run low. Children also have a higher arginine requirement during growth spurts. In such phases, it is recommended to administer the substance either in the form of foodstuffs containing arginine or through nutritional supplements, with the aid of which arginine can be given in accurate doses.

Arginine can mainly be found in nuts and pulses, and in particular in:

  • Peas
  • Rice with husks
  • Raw pork and chicken meat
  • Raw salmon
  • Hen's eggs and
  • Cow's milk

Arginine and high blood pressure

Thanks to its high nitrogen content, arginine can help to expand the blood vessels, supporting a healthy supply of oxygen and blood circulation around the body. In addition, it also prevents particles being deposited on the walls of blood vessels. However, people with low blood pressure should exercise caution when taking arginine, as it has been proven to lower the blood pressure. Overdosing is not recommended either, as this can cause nausea and diarrhoea.

Muscle-building and fat reduction through arginine?

Together with the amino acid ornithine, arginine is said to be responsible for the distribution of growth hormones. It benefits the building of muscles and the reduction of fat, which is what makes it so popular as a food supplement for athletes. In addition, the blood circulation is improved, also in the muscles, as described above. For this reason, many athletes use arginine to improve performance and also to activate their immune systems. Arginine is also said to promote the production of the important white blood cells and therefore represents a good prophylaxis against colds.

Further fields of application for arginine

In addition, blood circulation disorders in the male penis, which can be a reason for erection disorders, can be combatted through the targeted intake of arginine. In contrast to substances such as Viagra, the effects do not take hold immediately, but rather after taking the substance over a prolonged time period. Although it has an similar effect to potency pills, there are no known side-effects from taking arginine. The effects of arginine on the human body are still being researched, and new knowledge could open up hitherto unknown fields of application for this amino acid.

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